Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pizza and Christmas shopping

Dinner and Christmas shopping on a Saturday night with Anthony.

Dinner was at Mod Pizza, and after eating we headed to Barnes and Noble to buy gifts for some of Anthony's relatives and a few people on my list. Two important things done in one trip... for the win.

Waiting in line to order at Mod Pizza

Some of the ingredients that can be added to a pizza

Two employees at Mod slaving away on making our pies

My pizza: Canadian Bacon, bacon, mushroom
2/3 of the pizza didn't seem to get toppings, but it tasted ok

Anthony's pizza had all vegetables, and he got a peppermint shake

Shake it, baby

Anthony dove into his peppermint shake and I attempted
to get a good photo of him eating it.
This one wasn't so good...

This one looked like he was choking on the spoon.
Nope, not a good one either.

This one looked like he was passing out putting it into his mouth

This one wins for most expressive
but wasn't good either

This was probably the best one of the bunch

I attempted to keep shooting photos of the ice cream eating
but I was discovered.
Damn it.

Barnes and Noble for Christmas gift shopping.
Anthony tried to find a cookbook for one of
his relatives...

...meanwhile, I found the most delicious cookbook ever created.

Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction and now a solo performer,
has a book out.
It was displayed on a discount table between
"The Little Book Of Positivity" and
"Fear Nothing".
I considered buying it but I know even if I did
he still wouldn't take my calls.