Sunday, November 27, 2016

End of a holiday weekend

I've reached the end of a four day weekend.

One thing that I made some headway with was reorganizing my home office. It has sort of been a catch-all for stuff I wanted to keep and was starting to look more like storage than a usable work area. It's much better now, I should be able to really get it well organized in the next couple of weeks when I have a little free time here and there.

As usual, I spent Sunday evening having dinner out and grocery shopping. Anthony didn't come with me (again) but he was busy doing laundry so of course, he's forgiven.

While organizing my home office, I found this photo
of myself as a little boy.
Plaid was in fashion in the 1960's, who knew?

Dinner at La Salsa, Speedway and Wilmot

Chicken tacos, beans, rice, chips

If Anthony had come along, he would have been sitting here.

Skippy PB Bites now have a granola variety.
Anthony loves these little brown balls.
There's a joke in there somewhere.

Speaking of balls, one got loose in the fruit snacks aisle.