Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank you slots for the new shoes

The Presidential election was Tuesday Nov. 8. Trump wins. Half of America has a melt down. Meanwhile, I still go to work and have a show to run, still take the dog out to poop, and am the same now as I was before the election. I know a lot of people are scared but that doesn't seem to stop Lucky's pooping schedule.

Happier news: I hadn't been to a casino in a while and on a whim went and played some slots Friday night. I took home $500 and spent it this weekend on new shoes and clothes to wear to work. The Native American population may be $500 poorer today but my spiffy new shoes, shirts and sweaters more than make up for it.

Anthony skipped out on me again for Sunday night dinner and grocery shopping. He had to catch up on his missed episodes of Bravo TV's "Married To Medicine". He calls me "hunty" and says "gurrrrrl" every five minutes when that show is on. Obviously it's important to keep up with that.

I went to Macy's to their special Sunday night sale event (part of what I spent the $500 on), then Taco Bell, and grocery shopping. He stayed home and practiced saying "hunty" so in the end, it all worked out for the best.

Shoe department at Dillard's benefited from
some of my $500 in slot winnings.
I purchased two pairs including one that was
$220. I expect those shoes to provide
me sexual satisfaction for that price.

Macy's at Park Place - where I spent the other part
of my $500 in casino winnings

Dinner at Taco Bell: Chicken Gorditas

My receipt said that "Dreams Do Come True"
when you're hired at Taco Bell.
It would be a dream come true
if it meant free bean burritos.

Onion skin on the floor at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
How will the onion protect itself now?

Milk Magic edible straws abandoned by the kitchen appliances.

Dip mix dropped on the floor by the chips.
And to make matters worse, the photo is upside down.
Thanks iPhone7 Plus.

A tissue left on top of the Oreos.

It's going to be a sad Thanksgiving for someone
because they left their pecan pie baking kit
with the Little Debbie snacks.

It's not a pizza, it's not a's a Pizzadilla!
Gee, that IS a Great Value!

This random guy was staring endlessly at the stuffing mixes
near the checkout lane.
I really wanted to say to him:
"Dooooooooooo it, stuffing is wonderful"