Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I took all four days of the Thanksgiving weekend off work.

I have enough paid time off banked for 2016 that I could take the entire rest of the year off paid, but that isn't exactly practical. Journal, the company that owned the TV station previously, let you carry a chunk of unused vacation over to the next year. Scripps, the current owner of the station, doesn't do that. So I'll lose what I don't use... which will likely be approximately four weeks. I suppose it could be worse like having to use it for some sort of hideous illness. Yaay for not having to do that.

One of the things I did this weekend with my time off was going to Anthony's mom's (Patty) house for Thanksgiving dinner. We dined with Patty, Anthony's brother Michael and his girlfriend Serena, and Anthony's aunt JoAnn. It was a delicious dinner and we had plenty of laughs and good conversation.

I also shot some photos.

Anthony and Patty

Serena, Michael, JoAnn

Patty made a crock pot full of gravy
because she knows I love me some gravy.

Everybody in the kitchen to load up their plates

My plate, with plenty of gravy

Serena dives in

Pecan pie

I love this musical tree!

Cheesin' with Patty

Hangin' with Patty, Serena, and Michael


Patty and JoAnn said after looking at this photo
that I made them look short...

So, I fixed it!