Sunday, November 6, 2016

Timeless joy and happy glow

I keep hoping after the Presidential election this Tuesday that people in America will be nice to each other again. I'm an idealistic person, obviously. But a boy can dream.

This week included a visit to my primary care physician, Dr. Pounds. He renewed my blood pressure medication subscription, gave me some paperwork to go get a blood panel done, and recommended a colonoscopy because I turned 50 years old this year. I've never had one before and while I'm not scared about the procedure, I am trying to figure out when I can take time off work to do it. From what I understand, it requires 1-2 days off to deal with and taking time off is difficult. I wish I could just do it myself but apparently sticking a finger in my butt and wiggling it around doesn't do the job effectively enough.

This weekend I did tackle some yard work. It almost felt cold outside (78 degrees) compared to the hot summer days I have been used to. This time of year it requires less maintenance so it should be good for a couple of weeks.

Anthony opted to stay home today from the dinner and grocery store run. But I soldiered on. Solo dinner was at Arby's, then the usual grocery shopping trip.

He really doesn't like going anywhere with me anymore. I don't blame him, who would want to be seen with me in public?

Sunset tonight as seen from my backyard

Anthony would have been sitting here at Arby's
if he had come with me to eat dinner.

Someone lost a napkin on the floor at Arby's.

Walmart Neighborhood Market is ready this year...
they've got plenty of Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pies.
There was a nationwide shortage last year.

Kool-Aid packet fell on the floor in the beverage aisle.

It's obvious that the holidays are coming in the cookie aisle.
Peppermint Oreos and Winter Oreos are in stock.

Naked juice abandoned with the Chips Deluxe.

Timeless Joy and Happy Glow
sounds like a date I've had.

Ugly sweater party ideas are just a click,
chips, salsa and Mist Twst away.

It's November 6 and the Christmas candy is ready to go.

Doomsday if Hillary wins White House!
World War 3!
Russian nukes ready to launch!

Even bigger news:
Tom Selleck's secret son has been found!
And he's fighting private pain!

And there's even more big news!
DIY instant soup cups!
Just add water!