Sunday, October 30, 2016

Winner of Tucson Weekly's Best Of Tucson 2016 "Best Local Twitter"

The highlight of my week was finding out that @whatsuptucson won the Tucson Weekly newspaper's "Best Local Twitter" in their Best Of Tucson 2016 voting. It's the third year I was nominated and the first time I won. That's a big freakin' deal to me. I am amazed every day at how appreciated the work and effort I put into that Twitter account is by the people who are kind enough to follow. As of this writing, @whatsuptucson has 54,800 followers and 51,600 Tweets.

Anthony is feeling under the weather so I went to PetSmart alone tonight to get Lucky a bag of dog food, then Jack In The Box for dinner (solo), and the grocery store (also solo). A pretty routine trip although I was a little surprised that the grocery store was as busy as it was considering the World Series was on TV as well as Sunday Night Football. Tucson isn't that much of a sports town though, so I really should not have been shocked.

Beautiful sunset tonight as seen from my front yard

The chair Anthony would have been sitting in
if he came with me to Jack In The Box

I like adding taco sauce to my Sourdough Jack

Abandoned strawberries and American Gangster DVD
with the tortillas.

If I was a stripper, here's one potential stage name:
"White Fudge"
(actually, White Pudge would be more appropriate)

Abandoned Oreos with the Ritz crackers.

It must be getting close to Christmas....
Nabisco only makes Ritz Fudge around the holidays.

Rachael Ray is eating herself to death!

Bahama Buck's shaved ice is new across the street from the grocery store.
If you don't shave your ice, you'll get a hairball in
your throat when you eat it.

Here's a screen shot of the winning post
"Best Local Twitter - @whatsuptucson"
I'd like to thank the academy and everyone who voted for me.
I'd also like to thank my beautiful wife and all of
the people I crushed along the way
in my bid for world domination.