Sunday, October 16, 2016

First visit to Mod Pizza

Anthony and I made a recent visit to Mod Pizza, a fairly new restaurant at Broadway and Wilmot here in Tucson.

We were fans of Pizza Studio when it was open, and the method Mod Pizza uses for preparing pizza is similar to a recent trend in Tucson for "fast" pizza.

It was fairly busy in there when we went for evening dinner around 7 p.m. But there wasn't much of a line so we got our orders in pretty quickly.

The pizza dough is about as thick as a saltine cracker. That explains why the pizza cooks so fast. It also doesn't make it the best part of these kind of pizzas, unless you're a big fan of saltine crackers.

They offer essentially unlimited toppings, there's a ton of choices -- both meat and vegetable, and several sizes to choose from. Anthony and I got 11 inch pies, they were priced at just under eight dollars.

Anthony says he thinks it's better than Pizza Studio was, I thought it was not quite as good. But we'd probably go back again. I am a fan of cheap and fast.

Exterior of Mod Pizza at Broadway and Wilmot

Interior as seen from our table.
The location in the restaurant to order is around the corner
to the left.

I got Canadian bacon, bacon, and mushrooms on mine.
Anthony ordered his usual vegetable assortment on his.
It's still difficult to comprehend how pizza is pizza
without meat on it.