Sunday, October 23, 2016

Score one for technology

Today was exciting because I am no longer responsible for Anthony's cell phone. Every time he has dropped his phone or something happened to it he'd be frustrated with me because I didn't want to automatically pay for a new one. I was always happy to pay the bill for the service, don't get me wrong, but I didn't like to deal with the issues he often has with the devices themselves.

We went to the Sprint store and he's now sent up on his own account. Best day ever. He can drop his phone 90 times in the next year if he wants to and he'll be responsible for paying for it without affecting my existence one bit.

He also needed a new computer so we went to Best Buy and he purchased a Microsoft Surface. He's thrilled with the purchase and I'm happy for him. New technology always amazes.

After the technology run, I had dinner at Arby's and went to the grocery store. Anthony stayed home and played with his new toy.

Fernando at the Sprint store
helps Anthony set up his account

Anthony at Best Buy looking at the laptop computer choices

Anthony looks at the Microsoft Surface.
I'll bet the two sales folks at Best Buy and
Anthony all called each other so they'd
know they needed to wear matching shirts.

This evening's sunset as seen looking west
from my front yard

Tonight's dinner at Arby's:
Chicken sliders, potato cakes, and a Diet Pepsi.
The guy who took my order geeked out when
he saw the credit card I used to pay for it:
My Marvel Iron Man MasterCard
He told me is a huge comic book fan.
It didn't get me a discount though.

Anthony would have been sitting here if I wasn't dining alone

Orajel Training Toothpaste at Walmart Neighborhood Market
I've heard of a training bra but not training toothpaste.
Does it require a training toothbrush?

Discarded empty packaging left with the Pringles.
Shoplifting aftermath!