Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sourdough Jack and salsa with the soap

It's the end of another weekend. This one was a little more exciting since I went to Dessert In The Desert downtown, most of the weekend I spent at home.

I did venture outside for about four hours today for some yard work. It was 92 degrees out so it wasn't exactly comfortable yard work weather but it is not as hard core as the 105+ days I did it during the summer. I can tell it's getting cooler because everything is growing slower. I didn't do any yard work last weekend. Unfortunately, the dog doesn't poop any less when it's cooler so 15 minutes of the time I spent outside was picking up this week's little brown gifts in the backyard.

Anthony didn't want to go with me today so I went to dinner at Jack In The Box and the grocery store alone. He gave me a list of items to buy for him so at least he won't be without his Red Bull and candy bars this week.

Sourdough Jack and fries at Jack In The Box
These sandwiches are extra tasty when I put taco sauce on them

Walmart Neighborhood Market:
An empty cart left with the coffee.

Baby Ruth candy bars take a dive on the floor.

Reese's left with the Ding Dongs is so wrong wrong.

Pace salsa left with the dishwashing soap.

Popcorn left to die on the floor.