Saturday, July 4, 2015

49th birthday (one step closer to death)

My 49th birthday was on July 2.

Now that there's no denying that I'm old, I can look at birthdays a couple of ways:  I'm one step closer to death, or I've survived another year. Either way, it's not the same thrill that birthdays were when I was a teenager or even in my twenties.

It was a nice day though. My co-workers were very kind and made sure I felt good about it, my friend Rene from Cakes for Causes baked me a lovely cake (which had a photoshopped image on top created thanks to the help of my co-worker/friend Alex, who put my head on an old man's body holding a sign that said "Happy 24th birthday"), and Anthony baked me brownies and made a delicious lasagna for dinner when I got home from work. I also received a shipment of meat from my friends from Los Angeles - Clint and Alison.

The Blend hosts also took a moment on the TV show to acknowledge my birthday. I thought that was pretty cool because it always makes me happy when I get my face on television (even if it's round and kind of stupid looking... it's all I got).

I haven't received anything in the mail yet suggesting I need an AARP membership or that I should consider shopping for a funeral plot. But, I know it's coming. I already have underwear older than most people I know.

49th birthday cake on my 24th birthday
Cake courtesy of Rene from Cakes for Causes

An assortment of gifts from my
co-workers including Diet Coke,
Double Stuf Oreos, and honeybuns

Meat / food from Omaha Steaks
from Clint and Alison

Happy Birthday to me
live on TV...
thanks Tina and Alex!