Monday, June 29, 2015

First monsoon photos of 2015

Tucson's most dramatic stretch of weather each year has begun: Monsoon.

The simplistic Ken explanation of monsoon: High pressure has to be over the four corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah during the summer. This creates a circulation that draws a tropical moisture pattern from Mexico. The resulting weather is called monsoon which has much higher than normal humidity during hot summer temperatures, thunderstorms (mostly afternoon and evening) which are sometimes severe, and interesting looking clouds in skies that are largely clear most of the year. The locals seem to look forward to it every summer.

Monsoon also creates an opportunity for some interesting pictures. If you've read my blog in past summers, I've shot photos of monsoon every summer when it gets stormy.

Monsoon started a little early this year (typical start is around July 4). I've already shot a few photos.

Storm clouds rolling into Tucson
as seen from the north side
of the KGUN 9 building

A light shower as seen
from my backyard

Wind, rain and clouds
looking north from my backyard

Wind pushing against this tree
as seen from my backyard

Rain hitting the ground
in my backyard

Interesting looking clouds
starting to building mid-morning
looking north next to
my house

Storm clouds on the horizon
looking south from the KGUN 9

1:00 a.m. photo looking
southwest from my backyard.
This has a retouched look
but it's unaltered right
out of my Sony RX100 camera