Sunday, June 7, 2015

Your cream gravy is great for dipping

It's Sunday, the weekly dinner and grocery shopping day with Anthony.

Today's dinner was at the Speedway Blvd and Woodland Ave Whataburger. We both chose chicken. I had the strips with cream gravy dipping sauce, Texas toast, and fries. Anthony went nugget style with more traditional dipping sauces like Bar-B-Q and Honey Mustard.

Sundays are always great to eat out, people tend to stay home in Tucson especially in the summer. We had the restaurant to ourselves until we were almost finished eating. Maybe Tucsonans are scared to leave their homes now that they know Sundays are a day I usually go out to eat.

Grocery shopping was at Walmart Market at 22nd and Craycroft. The store wasn't terribly busy and we got in and out pretty quickly. Nothing unusual about this shopping trip.

It's the end of another weekend and I am finishing my laundry now and the only other thing I really got accomplished this weekend was hanging up a pair of shelves that Anthony has been asking me to deal with for ages. It's a good thing I'm around or he wouldn't have anything hanging on the walls since he has no idea how to hold a hammer.

My IQ on the table sign at Whataburger

Empty restaurant except for
Anthony with a fist full
of napkins

My dinner at Whataburger:
Fries, chicken strips, Texas toast,
and cream gravy for dipping.

Yes, your cream gravy is great.
That's what she said.

I shot a photo of this sign in the
Whataburger parking lot the
last time we were here several
months ago.
It's still there.

Horse Family Set at
Walmart Market complete with
a toy hair dryer.
This is how American Pharoah
got ready to race for
the Triple Crown.