Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anatomy of a car accident at Kolb and Rosewood

There are two streets to choose from when I leave work and head out of the commercial park the TV station is located at. One is onto Speedway Blvd and would take me in the wrong direction to get home, the other is onto Kolb Road so I can turn right and then make a left a block north to head west on Speedway.

The station is located on Rosewood Street. Kolb and Rosewood is the most dangerous and difficult intersection of my drive to and from work. It often has a blind spot depending on what size vehicle is attempting to turn left onto Kolb, and I have to get over three lanes in less than a block to get into the left turn lanes once I make a successful right turn onto Kolb.

Bottom line: The intersection at Kolb and Rosewood sucks. I've seen a few accidents there and I spotted another shortly after it occurred today. I decided to stop about half a block before the intersection and put a long lens on my camera to take a couple of pictures.

The man driving the blue Toyota pickup banged into the beautiful expensive looking Mercedes.

That's one of my concerns driving -- getting into an accident with an extremely rich person who could sue me into submission. I'd be so poor after the lawsuit that I'd consider a bowl of Ramen the most extravagant meal I could afford. I also am a bit worried about being rear ended (that's happened multiple times in my driving experiences) since I'm at the mercy of someone remembering to push the brake pedal before they slam into me. I'm a fairly aware driver the rest of the time and have been fortunate that the handful of accidents I've had over the 32 years I've been behind the wheel have been minor.

Back to the accident I photographed: It looked like both vehicles attempted to turn left in the same space and the Mercedes was in the way of the little blue pickup truck. Fortunately, it appeared to be a minor fender bender. Mercedes are stupidly expensive vehicles to repair regardless of whether it's body damage or mechanical, so that poor Toyota driver's insurance will probably pay about twenty grand for paint damage and a tail light that would cost $500 to repair on any other car.

I'll always prefer to be the person taking the photo than the one in the accident.

Traffic accident at Kolb Road and Rosewood Street
with a Mercedes and Toyota pickup involved

Drivers of the two vehicles
exchange information

Damage on the passenger side bumper
of the Mercedes and the tail light.
They can probably buff that out.