Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mattress Firm Mattress Firm

It's Sunday, the weekly dining and grocery shopping excursion day for Anthony and I.

I started getting symptoms for a head cold late this morning, and I'm freakin' miserable tonight. I have more stuff to post from earlier this week but it's going to have to wait. I'm feeling too crummy to deal with it at the moment. I knew you'd want to know that... which is why I added it to this post.

This evening's dinner was at Jimmy John's, the sandwich shop at Grant and Swan. It was a pretty uneventful dinner except for the music being stupidly loud in there to chat with Anthony (plus, since I now have a cold, my hearing is a bit plugged up in addition to my nose) and one of the employees randomly asking us if we played video games. He was busy mopping when he asked, and it was hard to hear him because he had kind of a soft voice and the music was loud. Fortunately, we didn't end up looking like asses for not participating much in the conversation because he had to stop mopping and go make a sandwich for another customer.... freaky fast.

When we were leaving Jimmy John's, we noticed that contained in the strip mall where Jimmy John's is located there is also a Mattress Firm store. The odd thing: There is another Mattress Firm across the street to the east. Tucson has been drowning in an over abundance of mattress and bed stores in the last couple of years but this is ridiculous. Either the residents of this city sleep more than I think or current beds are being worn out due to people getting a lot of sex.

For the grocery portion of our excursion, we visited Walmart Market up the street at Grant and Alvernon, and then headed home so I could take some cold medicine and drown in snot.

It should be a miserable day tomorrow. Being at work and under the weather at the same time is no fun.

My number two sandwich and chips
at Jimmy John's

Anthony's sandwich at Jimmy John's.
He likes sprouts on his but
I think of them as weeds.
That's him on the right
holding his pickle in his hand.

Mattress Firm at Grant and Swan
near the Jimmy John's on the
west side of Swan

Mattress Firm at Grant and Swan
on the east side of Swan
across the street.
Tucsonans must wear out
their mattresses at
an impressive pace.

New Cheez-It Crunch'd snacks
(Anthony referred to them as chips)
Cheddar Cheese variety

Cheez-It Crunch'd Hot and Spicy
Hey look! There's my soon to be
purchased toilet paper in the cart.

Garden of Eating Chia Seed
Corn Tortilla Chips
If you put these in your mouth
and pour water on your head
plants will start growing
out of your scalp.