Sunday, June 14, 2015

First visit to Popeye's Chicken

It's Sunday, the day that Anthony and I have dinner and go grocery shopping.

Today we decided to try Popeye's for the first time. We've both seen the multitude of commercials on TV and thought we should give it a shot. He's been in a mood for chicken lately and that's the focus of what they serve there.

There is only one Popeye's location in Tucson. It's in the southeast part of the city on 22nd Street near Kolb Road.

It reached about 103 degrees in the Tucson area today and it was apparent to us moments after we walked in the door at Popeye's that their air conditioning had failed. It was almost as warm inside the restaurant as it was outside. To the credit of the employees there, they were stuck with working in those miserable conditions and yet they managed to be very pleasant.

We both had chicken strips and Cajun fries, and I also got a biscuit. The only thing that turned out to be a positive about eating in a restaurant that warm inside is that the food never got cold through the entire eating process. I'd eat there again, the food was pretty good. Anthony said the same thing. One amazing part of the meal was watching Anthony eat because he literally inhaled his dinner. He revealed near the end that the reason he was eating so fast was that he was beyond warm and wanted to get out of there. If I knew that's what it takes to get him to eat faster, I'd bribe every restaurant we visit to turn up the furnace.

I hope they are able to get the air conditioning fixed quickly there. Working in those conditions over hot fryers and hot food has to be the most miserable thing imaginable for the crew that is employed at that restaurant. It's not fun to eat in the dining room when it's that warm either.

We grabbed our groceries at the nearby Walmart Market at Golf Links and Kolb. It's similar in it's layout to the location at Broadway and Camino Seco, except some items are at the opposite ends of the aisles... but the aisle layout in the store is the same. At least the air conditioning was working in that store.

Popeye's in Tucson on 22nd Street
103 degrees outside, 95 degrees inside

A few other brave souls were in
the incredibly warm dining room
eating their dinner

Our chicken strips, fries, biscuit

Anthony had to eat with a spork.
We both hate sporks and wish
the person who invented these
indigestion the rest
of their lives.

Cheerios + Ancient grains
at Walmart Market on
Golf Links Road at Kolb Road.
I prefer my grains fresh
thank you very much.

Oscar Mayer Bun Length Wieners
If a wiener is shorter than
bun length it won't be
as satisfying.

I'm running out of stupid products
to try to give Anthony while
taking a photo.
Oh well... yoooooo Anthony.
I found something to relieve
your mucus.