Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The poomobile just got cheaper

I've had the Ken Carr car 2.0 (I've nicknamed it "The Poomobile" due to it's color) four days and I received the best news I could imagine today. The car dealership found me a loan for four percent interest, and reduced the original sale price by $2,000. That translates to a car payment $130 a month cheaper than they originally quoted. I'm super excited. I didn't even have to sleep with anyone to make it happen.

To top it off, this car is nine years newer than the RX-8 and the monthly insurance premium is increasing a whopping $1.22 per month.

I'm an extremely lucky bastard.

I'm a little behind in getting the weekly Sunday dinner / grocery excursion photos up. In celebration of my newly purchased and already cheaper poop colored car, there are a couple of car photos in there in addition to dinner at Culver's and grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

There was a rainbow in the sky when we left the grocery store and walked out to the car. Maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A cheaper car payment / same cost of car insurance pot of gold.

I'll take it.

The poomobile at Culver's

How did they know at Culver's
that this is Anthony's age?

Cheeseburger and onion rings

Anthony's orders a Concrete
that looks like poo was
smeared in the cup

A spoonful of poo ice cream
makes the medicine go down
in the most delightful way.

TGI Fridays Green Bean Fries.
A sneaky way to get your
children to eat their vegetables

If you have not heard
Minions speak, then this
means nothing to you.

Both Anthony and Lucky
could use a bottle of this

Minions can hugger.
When you want your beer
to give you a freaky stare
when you drink it.

Yoo hoo! Anthony!
I found this can of Thick-It for you.
Just in case you want it less thin.

Poomobile at the Broadway and Camino Seco
Walmart Market

Rainbow over Walmart Market delivering
a cheaper car payment pot of gold.