Sunday, July 26, 2015

Poop and pee weekend

I have this crazy idea that weekends are supposed to be relaxing. They rarely are.

This weekend, I needed to give Lucky some extra attention. The first thing was a bath which he always seems to like. I pull back the shower curtain in my bathroom and he hops right in. He then waits for me to brush him out, then we do the bath, and he's always super happy when we're done. He runs out to the other end of the house to show Anthony that he got a bath. Most dogs that I've encountered don't like baths. It's one of the many quirky things about Lucky that makes him unique.

I also needed to get his rabies booster shot. They only gave me a one year shot last time so I had to get him another one this year so I can send in the check for his dog license update.

I decided to go to Petco where they have traveling dog shot clinics. I went to the one at Broadway and Craycroft yesterday afternoon. The staff was nice that was handling the clinic but they freaked Lucky out a bit. One of the techs put her arms around him to hold him and he proceeded to pee all over the floor. I do the same thing when a woman puts her arms around me, so I could relate. I apologized profusely, they were nice about it. Poor little Lucky gets so scared of everything.

He was waaaay overdue for a nail trimming, so I went into the grooming salon at Petco and asked if they take walk-ins. The groomer inquired if he just got a shot and when I told her that he did, she said I had to wait 24 hours before they'd take him. So, I figured, screw those guys -- I drove him to Petsmart and they fixed him up without any issue.

I tried once to trim his nails myself and he's too squirmy. This is not a task that Anthony would help me with so I end up having to pay around $20 plus tip every few weeks to take him and get it done at Petsmart. Most activities involving handling Lucky are a Ken only thing, and that's okay. Anthony's nice to Lucky and he talks to him all the time... he just doesn't like to touch him.

Today's excitement was unclogging Anthony's toilet. That man poops concrete. In a really unusual moment, he actually let me do it instead of trying to fight it himself. I may not be a very nurturing person but I can unclog a toilet like a champ. The toilet's flushing normally again and the trauma is over.

We did dinner tonight at Culver's and our usual Sunday grocery shopping to round out the weekend.

It's back to work tomorrow... for both of us. He'll be on his second day of work at his new job. He's at least going back after getting through his first day on Friday so it must not have been that bad.

Anthony plays with a tissue at Culver's.
The number placard may or may not
be displaying his age.

Push it... push it good.
Salt N Pepa on our table.

Anthony's concrete at Culver's.
May or may not be related
to his poop.

ChicKEN sandwich, fries,
cheese curds

Tropical Mango cookie mix
at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Pillsbury Doughboy in tropical shorts.
No wonder it's on clearance.

Tropical Mango frosting with
the Pillsbury Doughboy
in tropical shorts.

After the clogged toilet incident
it's no wonder we ended up
in the bowel support aisle.
The intensive bowel support aisle, no less.

Yoo hoo.... Anthony...
I found something to help
with your digestive system.

Yoo hoo... Anthony...
I found this for you, too.
Why do you look so annoyed?

Yoo hoo.... Anthony...
I picked up this pool toy
and it immediately pointed
toward your butt.
It may not help but
it's safe because
it has a wrapper on it.