Sunday, July 5, 2015

First severe thunderstorm warning of monsoon at my house

Monsoon, the tropical rain / thunderstorm season in Southern Arizona, has been underway for a couple of weeks. Some areas of Tucson have gotten some crazy weather (midtown and west side were hit with golf ball sized hail about a week ago) but all we've gotten is rain at my house near Grant and Swan until today.

The first severe thunderstorm warning was issued that actually went over my house.

It was barely severe, really. A decent dousing of rain, some thunder, and wind. But, since I'm always hopeful for excitement, it was a few minutes of wheeeeee.

Since it's a Sunday and I was at home today, I shot a few photos.

Rain coming off the roof
during the severe thunderstorm
in Tucson on July 5, 2015

Rain pours off roof
while neighbors tree bends
in the wind

More rain pours off of the roof

Looking north toward
the mountains as seen
from my backyard

Rain hitting some bushes
that I need to trim

Still raining

Lucky's hiding spot during thunderstorms

The Anthony shines during the rain
like the sun.