Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mashed Potatoes and Ovary

I'm always a little sad when a weekend comes to an end. They always seem so short.

Friday evening's activity was going to a dinner with station clients at Tucson Country Club. It was a small group and nice dinner. They make a good grilled chicKEN sandwich there. The Country Club is in a pretty fancy northeast neighborhood... which makes sense, it's a country club.

I did enjoy the fact that when I drove into the parking lot, my new (to me) car fit in with the rest of the fancy cars in the parking lot. At least I drive something appropriate for a country club parking lot, even if I can't afford a membership there.

Saturday's excitement was getting the slow leak in my passenger side rear tire repaired. I decided to take it to Discount Tire, since it was likely not a major repair and had a good shot at getting it repaired for free. It took an hour of waiting while they looked at it, turned out to be a nail in the tire. Free repair, all good to go. By the way, if you need to go to Discount Tire, I highly recommend going to their website and making an appointment. It got me in and out at a much faster rate than most of the people I saw walk in without one.

Today was dinner and grocery shopping day (and finishing my laundry). We ate at KFC and shopped at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Back to work tomorrow. At least I'll be driving to the station in my fancy new (to me) car on a non-leaky tire. It's the little things that excite me.

ChicKEN Little sandwich at KFC

Potato wedges in the light
from the nearby window

Anthony's dinner:
Chicken strips, potato wedges,
macaroni and cheese

I swear this painted on sign
in the KFC window says:
"Lg. Mashed w/ Ovary"
If it is, they spelled
ovary wrong (oravy).

Some of Anthony's chicken strips
were left for the next person
in the booth to sit on

I've been debating about renaming
my new (to me) car "chocolate pudding".
Maybe I should rename myself "Almond Milk"
when I drive it.

Anthony was looking for a lunch
bag for his new job.
I tried to talk him into this one
but for some unknown reason
I was unsuccessful.