Sunday, January 26, 2014

Its not easy to find a Notary on a Sunday

The Sunday adventure for Anthony and I had a bit of a twist today.  We normally eat dinner and go grocery shopping and we did that.  But first, we had to find a Notary Public to notarize a document for him so he could turn it in first thing tomorrow.

A request for help to my Facebook friends found a volunteer.  Christine not only offered to help, but she was heading to the Arizona basketball game late this afternoon and could meet us down near the University of Arizona campus to get it done.  She was also kind enough to do it for free.  Christine is today's hero!

We had some late lunch / early dinner at Silver Mine Subs at Main Gate Square, then ice cream next door at Baskin Robbins, and got the groceries we needed at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Alvernon.

And..... the photos:

View of Euclid and 2nd Street as seen from the 3rd floor
of the parking garage I parked the Ken Carr car at.
It was a 72 degree winter afternoon in Tucson.

New building of dorm style apartments under construction on Euclid.
I'd love to live there but then I'd get the reputation of being the
weird old guy living in student apartments.
It sucks becoming ancient.

University Blvd and Tyndall, where we waited on a bench for Christine
the Notary to meet us and notarize Anthony's document.

Sitting on a bench with Anthony and Christine, the hero who notarized
Anthony's document at University and Tyndall.
She was on her way to eat and go to the Arizona basketball game.
Thanks for your help Christine.
Go 'Cats!

A store at Main Gate Square that had this shirt at it's front entrance for sale.
Hopefully whoever created this doesn't kiss their mother with that mouth.

Silver Mine Subs at University and Tyndall.
Anthony and I ate a late lunch here.

My sandwich:  The "Frontier"

Anthony's sandwich: The "Caribou"

Anthony put mustard on his Caribou sandwich while four guys in the booth behind him
talked about getting wasted last night and why they didn't get laid.
I wanted to get their address and send them a sympathy card.

Dunkin' Donuts / Baskin Robbins at University and Tyndall.
We got ice cream after the sub sandwiches.

Anthony enjoys his peanut butter fudge sundae... quite intently.

Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Alvernon
They were out of my favorite potato salad.
And a lot of other stuff in the deli, apparently.

When I think of Guy Fieri, I think of chicken sausage.
It has pinto beans in it.
May cause natural gas explosion.

New Raspberry Oreo Fudge Cremes
Because the world record for sweetest cookies still has yet to be broken.

My FAVORITE kind of Oreo was in stock!
Golden Oreo Mega Stuf
I can't ever get enough crème filling.

I didn't know what this was, and Anthony explained it was Tripe.
Some kind of stomach meat something or other.
I guess that ground beef sign refers to the meet on the left side.

Anthony took his blood pressure with this computerized terminal at Walmart Market.
It said "it's too high, and that's due to living with Ken".