Sunday, January 19, 2014

Garlic and Herb is not related to Peaches and Herb

Anthony and I visited Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft tonight for our weekly grocery trip.

We got out usual items and also noticed that there is an increasing amount of Valentine's Day related food merchandise in the store.  It's 3 1/2 weeks until Valentine's, I guess they have to get ready early.  I am happy that Little Debbie has their Valentine's cakes on sale.

I found the butter invented by Peaches and Herb's cousin.

It only took Anthony an eternity to decide which kind of peanut butter to buy.
It's not his fault, they have a 12 foot section that is 7 shelves high
devoted to peanut butter.

Anthony found the Valentine's Day candy section
and immediately had an orgasm.

M & M's Red Velvet
Give these for Valentine's Day and you're sure to get some

It's not Valentine's Day until Little Debbie has their Be My Valentine cakes