Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A visit to Aussie Cantina with Anthony, Jason and Alberto

Anthony and I met up with Jason and Alberto for some dinner at Aussie Cantina here in Tucson on Saturday night.  If you have not been, it's two blocks west of Arizona Stadium on 6th Street.

We ate Dingo Dogs (which are beer battered pork sausages on a stick) and entrees.  I had fish and chips and Anthony ate a salad called "The Nutty Professor".  I had to restrain myself from firing off jokes like "Hey Anthony, how does it feel to put the Nutty Professor inside you" and "Have you put all of the Nutty Professor in your mouth yet?"  Highly inappropriate, yes.  Funny, definitely.

I like Aussie Cantina.  It was the second time we've been since it opened.  The only oddity was that we went at an unusual lull in their day.  There were only two customers in the place when we walked in.  I have an uncanny ability to go to restaurants when they are empty.  I am convinced that they are busy 99 percent of the time and I have strange timing to go when they are not 1 percent of the time.  I keep telling myself it's a talent.  Either that, or people know I'm coming and avoid being there.  It's probably the second one.

Alberto sees the Kenparazzi, Jason reads his menu

Dingo Dogs at Aussie Cantina.

Here's Anthony's Nutty Professor salad at Aussie Cantina.
This was when he had just started putting the Nutty Professor in his mouth.

Jason, Anthony, Alberto and Ken Carr at the Aussie Cantina