Wednesday, January 15, 2014

John Fina, BJ Denker, and a flower photo bomb

We had former University of Arizona and NFL (Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals) football player John Fina on as the TV show's guest co-host today.  He did a great job and is a nice guy.

In addition, we had University of Arizona quarterback (although he's about to graduate and attempt to take a shot at the NFL) B.J. Denker as a guest.  Also a nice guy.

The funny part of the photo is the fake jaw punch to my face... which John did without any prompting.  The flower photo bomb behind my head was courtesy of Lee, one of my co-workers.

I'm arguably the least athletic person in this photo.  Unless you count naps as athletic.

Flower photo bomb, Ken Carr getting fake punched in the jaw,
John Fina, Sally Shamrell, and B.J. Denker