Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It only took 8 years to give it back

I had lunch with Rosanna and Chris P. yesterday at Smashburger at Grant and Swan.

Rosanna is a co-worker of mine at the TV/Radio building and we also worked together at KRQ radio.  Chris has my old job at KRQ -- as Program Director and Afternoon Drive DJ.  It was fun having some lunch and catching up.

I had an item that I ended up with when I cleaned out my office at KRQ in 2005 and I never got around to returning it: Chris's staff badge.  I ran across it again in a drawer at home a few weeks ago and set it out.  I had originally planned on mailing it to him and then this lunch came up.  Which provided an opportunity to return it, and also provided a photo op.

I didn't steal it, I just borrowed it.  No jury would convict me (I'm telling myself that, anyway).

The staff badge I stole, I mean borrowed in 2005.

Returning the staff badge to Chris.
I expect him to frame it... or use it to jimmy open a door.

Rosanna and Chris