Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goodbye Blockbuster Video

Driving home from grocery shopping, Anthony and I passed the Blockbuster Video store at Broadway and Craycroft tonight.  We both did a double take because the store was all lit up inside but completely empty.

I did an internet search when I got home and discovered that the last 300 Blockbuster company owned locations closed on January 12, 2014 (a week ago).  They apparently liquidated the store to the bare walls and I didn't even know until now.

I doubled back and took a picture of the store because I thought it was capturing a piece of history.

Hollywood Video closed the last of their stores in 2010 after declaring bankruptcy.  Blockbuster managed to last a few years longer.  Netflix and Redbox ruined their retail store business model.

Blockbuster is going to apparently continue as a streaming service.  It's kind of sad though to see the stores, which at one time were a place to discover new movies, rent classics, buy overpriced candy, and do some people watching, go away.  Blockbuster in Tucson even has a piece of pop culture history:  Diana Ross was arrested for a DUI while travelling from Canyon Ranch Resort to Blockbuster at Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon to rent a movie in 2002.  Read about it by clicking here.

So long Blockbuster Video.  I think I still owe them for a late fee from 1998.  It's a little late now.

This Blockbuster Video store at Broadway and Craycroft in Tucson
closed on January 12, 2014.  (Picture taken on January 19, 2014).
They were apparently so poor they couldn't afford to keep
the 'deo' lit in their sign.