Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's fixed... but it's not fixed

I like living at Ridgepointe Apartments.  The crew in the office has always been wonderful.  My neighbors are nice.  It's two miles from work.  Cable is included in the rent.  There aren't major crime issues (which is one of Anthony's favorite things).

The one thing that has always been perplexing is how maintenance issues are handled.  I've written about many of those things over the last several years.

Last night, I took Lucky out for a late night tinkle and noticed that all of the fluorescent lights in the cover above my car's parking space were dark.  This happened when I lived at Kachina Springs across town and a police officer told me that it is a common thing for thieves to do at apartment complexes.  They unscrew the stick bulbs then return later and break into cars in the middle of the night.

I was hopeful something that sinister wasn't going on.  But, since it wasn't an emergency, I e-mailed the complex office and told them about it.  I assumed they would either replace all of the bulbs in that parking cover or attempt to determine why it wasn't working.

Just after 5 p.m. today I got a call from the office.  Apparently I had given them the wrong parking space number, but they were kind enough to look up the right one (I e-mailed them at midnight last night, oopsie for forgetting the number... my bad) and were sending someone from maintenance to fix it.

I thought that was awesome.  Service in less than 24 hours for a non-emergency problem.  Woohoo!

Of course, there's more to the story (you didn't expect that to be the end did you?).  I was out taking Lucky for a walk at about 9:30 p.m. tonight and when I walked near there I realized that the lightbulb above where my parking space is located is now working, but the rest of the bulbs in the awning aren't.  They only replaced one.  The one above my space.

I'll have a selfish moment and be grateful that at least it's lit above my space.  They didn't get the maintenance call wrong.  I was the person who requested that the light should be fixed above my car and it was.  I just found it odd that they wouldn't fix them all / replace the bulbs.

Reason number 126395 why I should rule the world.

You can't live here if your car is afraid of the dark.