Monday, April 1, 2013

Finally a little bit of excitement around here

I think I drive Anthony crazy sometimes.

I've mentioned this before, but I live a relatively uneventful life.  So, I find ways to make it seem more exciting than it really is.  I love watching the TV show Cops, I listen to the police scanner regularly, and I get excited when I hear sirens or the police helicopter flying overhead anywhere nearby.

Ridgepointe Apartments where I live is a pretty quiet apartment complex.  The only time I've ever seen police here is what seems to be for the occasional domestic squabble.  I got a bit excited tonight when I was out walking Lucky and three officers walked past me.  I thought maybe I'd get to see some kind of action.

The officers went up to either apartment 20 or 21.  I was trying to act nonchalant so I circled back while walking the dog a few minutes later and they were leaving.  They did not have anyone in custody and they were leaving what seemed like less than five minutes later.  I was screaming in my head: "C'mon!  That's boring!"

Another neighborhood incident that turned out to be a dud last night:  Three blocks east of my apartment a suspect was supposedly holed up in an apartment at Pima and Wilmot.  The person that police were looking for had robbed a couple walking a dog at 5th and Rosemont on Sunday night.  But, after SWAT was at the apartment in question for about four hours they discovered the apartment was empty.

As far as Anthony, I think I drive him crazy because I get so excited when stuff like that happens.  He likes it quiet and uneventful.

At least he lets me watch Cops.  Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?