Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arbys, Nips, and Colon Cleanser

This week has been pretty uneventful.  Work, sleep, eat.  Then this weekend, I felt like ass yesterday (with an odd headache) and didn't do anything except laundry, Tweet stuff I heard on the police scanner, and eat a sandwich from McDonald's.  So, today was the day to go do something fun with Anthony.

Fun in today's case involved dinner at Arby's across from Park Place Mall, grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market, and a stop at Walgreen's.

There's one appropriate word for this much fun:  Wheee.

Dinner at Arby's on Broadway in Tucson with Anthony.
2 turkey and cheddars (which are not very good by the way, stick to roast beef if you want cheddar),
an order of regular fries and an order of curly fries.

I convinced Anthony to pose for a photo at Arby's.
It's a miracle!

Anthony posed for a second photo at Arby's!
It's another miracle!

Shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd Street and Craycroft in Tucson.
New Philadelphia Cream Cheese dark chocolate.
Sounds like sex in an 8 ounce tub.

If you were hoping to buy water at Walmart Neighborhood Market... these empty pallets say "you're screwed".

Rice Krispies Treats Double Chocolatey Chunk
Because regular Rice Krispies Treats just weren't sweet enough.

Hot Dog Slic'r
You put the hot dog in there, push the dog body down, and it slices the hot dog into little chunks.
Then you use the little dish area under the dog's mouth to put ketchup (or dipping sauce) in.
It took everything I had not to buy one.

MaraNatha Caramel Almond Spread
Caramel Almond Spread would be an awesome name for a stripper.

Sanar Colon Cleanser 2002
In case you weren't sure what a cartoon drawing of your colon might look like, they provide one on the box.

Sneaky photo of Anthony: Digging through the clearance items at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
At least I think that is what he was doing... he was right next to the adult incontinence items.

Walgreen's Pharmacy at Speedway and Craycroft.
Lindt Chili Chocolate.
Anthony was very excited to inform me that he could guarantee this would give me diarrhea.
Thanks for looking out, Anthony.

Whoppers Reese's Peanut Butter Candy
Reese's is pretty much used for every kind of candy these days.

Nips Caramel
It must have been cold in the Walgreen's because I could see Nips!

Ology Bath Tissue
Made from sugarcane husk and bamboo
I can't think of anything that sounds more unpleasant to rub on my butt than bamboo.
Well, except for sandpaper.