Sunday, April 21, 2013

First visit to the new Walmart Neighborhood Market at Golf Links and Kolb

A couple of new Walmart Neighborhood Market stores opened this week in the Tucson area.  Anthony and I decided to visit one of the new locations on Tucson's southeast side at Kolb Road and Golf Links Road. (The other new store is at Broadway Blvd and Camino Seco).

The exterior has a more plain and barren look than the other Neighborhood Market stores I've visited in Tucson.  (I go to the store at 22nd and Craycroft most every week and I've visited four of the stores in the Tucson area, so I know the Neighborhood Markets well).  The interior of the store has the same barren feel inside as well.  They've done a product arrangement in the store that is a bit different than the other stores.  There is no in-store deli counter, for example.

The store wasn't busy when we went at about 8 p.m. tonight.  Of course, just like every Walmart on the planet, the checkout lines are unbelievably slow.  It was especially annoying considering that there was a light amount of customers in the store.  The associate who was running the checkout we were in seemed to have almost no idea how to run the cash register and struggled with anything besides running products over the scanner.  Speed at the checkout seems to be an issue that Walmart as a corporation has no interest in improving.  Never plan on going there if you're in a hurry.

This store was okay but not as cool as the Craycroft, Oracle, Valencia and Grant Road stores.  They had my favorite potato salad.  But, they don't have individually wrapped breakfast pastries like they do at the other Neighborhood Market stores in Tucson.  That's an item I buy every week so I can slam a bite of breakfast in my office to start the day.  Hopefully they realize they forgot that item and add it to their shelves somewhere.

The new Walmart Neighborhood Market store at Golf Links Road and Kolb Road in Tucson

Most of the store looked like this when we were there at 8 p.m. (empty)

YoCrunch Maple Fat Free Yogurt Waffle Bites
Waffles and Yogurt with maple flavor... now THIS is a good idea.

The sneaky Anthony photo of the day
He caught me taking the photo, and had to restrain himself from punching me in the face.

Cheez-It BIG crackers
Size matters.

Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Instant Oatmeal
If a dinosaur starts growing inside of you after eating these, you may want to open your own Jurassic Park. 

Waiting in the slowest checkout line on the planet.  I took this photo to pass the time.
Anthony is under that grey hoodie.
At least I think that is him.