Saturday, April 13, 2013

Goodbye Ann

One of the hosts of the show I work on has left after three years.

Ann was wonderful to work with and we had a nice send off for her yesterday.

One of the things that frequently happens when employees leave where I work:  Cake.  And, I don't object.  I love cake!

Thanks for everything, Ann.  I'll miss you!

Ann, Amanda, and the awesome cake that Cakes for Causes made for Ann's last show

The Morning Blend crew takes one last photo with Ann on the show set
Back row: Ryan, Carlos, Lee, JP, Alex and Bob
Front row:  Me, Amanda, Ann and Allison.
On the coffee table: Cake and champagne.
Om nom nom.

A closeup photo of the amazing cake made by Cakes for Causes

Jeanne and Rene from Cakes for Causes on the show set with Ann and the cake they made
Here is the video montage I produced (I took all of the photos as well) that aired on the Blend: