Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Grand Opening event at Aloft Hotel Tucson

I was lucky enough to be invited to the V.I.P. grand opening event at Aloft Tucson University Hotel at Speedway and Campbell.

It was a really nice event.  They had acrobats, live bands and a dj, "light bites" (appetizers to you and me), and an open bar.  I skipped the drinking because I really didn't want a Wednesday morning hangover.

Arizona Wildcats head football coach Rich Rodriguez spoke at the event, along with executives from Starwood Hotels, and the General Manager of Aloft (Craig).  He was a guest on the Morning Blend a couple of weeks ago.

The hotel is a top to bottom redo of the old Sheraton Five Points and other than the shell of the building, it's brand new.  It has a very artsy / art deco edge to it.  I didn't get the chance to go up to a room so I'm assuming they're nice.  The hotel is tall enough that if you have a room on the north side on the upper floors I'm guessing there is an awesome view of the mountains.

I brought along my Kenparazzi camera to share the experience with you.

Aloft Hotel at Speedway and Campbell in Tucson from across the street to the north.

Wxyz lounge

Wxyz lounge on the right, the front desk on the left

Refuel over near the window, which has sandwiches, snacks and drinks

Acrobats perform in the lobby.
Either that, or this was foreplay for some random couple.

Two female acrobats perform while a whole bunch of people in the lobby watch.
What a bunch of pervs.  Oh wait, I was watching too.  Never mind.

Here's a position I've never tried before

I am calling this move "Holy crap, why are you so heavy? Did you have a big lunch?"

Arizona Wildcats head football coach Rich Rodriguez spoke at the Aloft Hotel grand opening event.

Aloft General Manager Craig Martin

I wasn't the only one in the crowd taking pictures

The man at the podium is the President of Starwood Hotels (I think that is his title), although I missed hearing his name.
But, he seems like a nice guy.

The beginning of the ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Flam Chen
She has the ceremonial scissors

Flam Chen works their way toward the ribbon in lace outfits and on stilts

Two guys from Flam Chen on stilts hold the woman in the air who will cut the ribbon

The woman with the ribbon cutting scissors is upside down on the shirtless guy's back.
This is my favorite photo of the night... because it looks like fire is coming out of her butt.

The guy from Flam Chen with the blue sash has the ceremonial scissors

The girl from Flam Chen who looked like she had fire coming out of her butt a few photos ago does the ribbon cutting

Guests inside getting "light bites".
I am pretty sure they don't do cheeseburgers at this hotel, but I forgot to ask.

My buddy Corbin is on the left with two friends.

The lobby of Aloft with two random dudes playing pool.

A view of the backyard at Aloft with DJ Dibs on the left under the umbrella.
It took all of the willpower I had not to ask him to play some Justin Bieber.

Looking up at the south side of the hotel from the backyard.

Partygoers at the Aloft Hotel grand opening event in the hotel's backyard at sunset.

A sign outside of the hotel

A view of Aloft Hotel from the north across the street on Speedway at sunset as I walked back to my car.