Friday, October 5, 2012

Ridgepointe Apartments is down with brown

For some bizarre reason, the Ridgepointe Apartments staff has decided to stop watering the grass.  They stopped in mid-September.  Its been several weeks of continuing 95-100 degree temperatures.  And, as a result, the grass has died and turned brown.  In a hilarious moment, the landscapers that come every week were here on Wednesday and mowed non-growing dead grass.  I assume they had to do something or they wouldn't get paid.

Today I got a letter offering reminding me that my lease is ending at the end of December and I'm being encouraged to renew.  WITH A MONTHLY $30 INCREASE IN RENT!  This is right after all of the grass has turned brown and dead and it still feels like summer outside.

I will have spent $20,000 in rent in the two years I've lived here to get a roof leak that took four months to fix, peeling paint on my stairwell, broken or non-functioning lights along the sidewalks, and brown dead grass.

I have yet to decide if I'm going to renew.  I could end up somewhere worse... its always a gamble.

Dead grass... but at least the bushes are still green... for now.
In the middle of this photo, the wires hanging out from the light pole that broke early this summer but was never replaced.

A new neighbor is moving in.
Or, at least their mattress is.