Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lucky in a doggy fashion show

Today's adventure with Lucky was unlike any other I had tried before:  I took him to a local mall and he was part of a doggy fashion show.

We were asked at the tv/radio building if anyone wanted to volunteer to be in the show at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase yesterday.  The event is held twice each year (and I attended it numerous times when I was on 106.3 and 104.1).  But, now that I'm working in television I was able to go as a guest and this was the first one that has been held since getting Lucky.

Lucky was a delight.  He trembled the entire time but he let everyone pet him (and there were dozens of people who asked), he got along well with the many dogs that were at La Encantada, and didn't cower or freak out at all.

Anthony got him a skeleton shirt to wear and it was a huge hit.  It was an awesome choice and $6 well spent at Target.

I couldn't walk Lucky and shoot video at the same time.  So, I asked one of my co-workers to do the camera work and she was great.  Thanks Kelly for helping me out.

Here's the video piece I put together:

(If you want the direct link to YouTube, click here.)