Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghoul Atchley delivers the news

As the floor crew was resetting the studio from the Morning Blend to news, I had a creative moment with a Halloween decoration we used on the Blend side of the set.

I put it in the chair that Guy Atchley normally sits in during KGUN 9 news to take the photo you see below.

I nicknamed him "Ghoul Atchley".

Ghoul Atchley is On Your Side!
In Ghoul's hand, a Kit Kat bar.
A pick me up before the news.

Big Al Your Traffic Pal from Good Morning Tucson in a traffic cone costume

Double bonus:
My co-worker Leslie hung this fake spider in front of the stairway door to try and scare unsuspecting people.
I was disappointed I didn't hear screaming.