Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Hurricane Sandy is affecting Tucson, Arizona

Hurricane Sandy (or as some people are calling it, Frankenstorm) is hours away from making landfall in the northeast coastal area of the U.S.

I have never experienced a hurricane.  It seems like its the biggest, nastiest, longest thunderstorm I could imagine.

I saw posts today from a few Facebook and Twitter friends from that region that are making preparations.  One person took a picture at a Target store where there wasn't one bottle of water available.

I always wish for excitement and adventure (of which my life rarely has either) but I can't imagine the experience.  I am hopeful that if you are one of the people in this storm's path you stay safe.

It hit 87 today in Tucson with crystal clear blue skies and light wind.  We're about as far removed from hurricane weather as one could imagine.

I took a photo this afternoon to show that this is the closest we usually experience to hurricane conditions:

These sprinklers put off a spray and actually hit the sidewalk.
Now we have a taste in Tucson of what a hurricane is really like.
Although the sunny 87 degree conditions with no wind may have been a bit deceiving.