Friday, October 26, 2012

Arizona vs Washington football game: The video

As I mentioned in my Sunday October 21 blog entry, I went to the Arizona vs Washington college football game at Arizona Stadium here in Tucson.

I shot video at the game.  I still feel like a very amateur video shooter and editor, but there's only one way to get better and that's to keep trying and practicing.  Eventually I'll figure out that either I'm not half bad or I'll give up and take up needlepoint, or farting in crowded elevators as a hobby instead.

I bought a light for my video camera and realized after I shot the intro that I should have been farther away from the wall so I didn't get that annoying shadow (I tried to light the wall behind with a light from the ceiling but obviously that didn't work too well).  Its all part of learning how to do this.  A whole lot of trial and error.  Mostly error.

Anyhoooo, here's the video:

The direct link to see it on YouTube (if you are on a device that doesn't allow you to watch it embedded on my blog):  Click here