Sunday, August 9, 2015

You'll love a little sexy

This week has flown by. It seems like I got nearly nothing done that I wanted to.

This weekend included giving Lucky a bath, getting quite a bit of sleep because I wasn't feeling that great yesterday, a trip to Ross to buy a few dress shirts, a trip to Target to buy towels for Anthony's bathroom, and our usual dinner and grocery store Sunday night run.

We had dinner at Burger King at Grant and Craycroft in an empty restaurant for most of our meal, and shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

This upcoming week is going to be challenging because two of my co-workers are taking vacation time off and that will create extra work for me. At least one of them is out every day and two out on Tuesday. I expect them to come back from vacation early because they'll miss me so darned much. I'm a dreamer.

Dinner in an empty Burger King
at Grant and Craycroft

Big King sandwich
that looks like it
was in a fight and lost

The aerial view of the Big King
does make it look better...
hanging out with it's friend
the French fries

Be. Flirty wine
at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Drink the whole bottle and
you'll Be. Slutty

"Humble Oats with Ambition"
They want to go to college
but are worried their grades
aren't good enough to get in.

Someone left a screwdriver
and an open Red Bull
with the garbage bags.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Colgate Minion toothpaste
for ages 5 and older.
Breaking the hearts of
four year old Minion fans
who want fresh breath.

Colgate Minions toothpaste.
I wanted to buy some to find
out if it tastes like banana.
If you haven't seen a movie
with the Minions then you
won't get that joke.

Yo Anthony!
I found something for you.
You'll love a little sexy.
And I'll love that it's
on clearance.