Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alex goes to Infiniti and beyond

My co-worker Alex got a new (to him) car.... an Infiniti M35.

His fancy car makes my recently purchased car (the poomobile) look plain. But, I purchased what I could afford and it's more important to be excited for someone else's good fortune than it is to be disappointed with my own stuff. He works hard and deserves something nice to drive as a symbol of his success.

Alex's car has a gorgeous interior with leather seats and all kinds of gadgets including air conditioning controls for the back seat, a fancy touch screen, and it's a pretty champagne color. He'll be able to enjoy the trappings of that car for a long time.

I went with him and co-worker Heather to take a look at the car in the station parking lot. I sat in the back seat which, if we had been moving instead of parked, would have been the perfect spot to be a back seat driver. Instead, I was a back seat sitting in a parking space person... not as exciting sounding, but it's roomy and comfortable and he didn't charge me for sitting in the car.

Congratulations Alex on your new ride. Vroom.

Alex and Heather getting into
Alex's new Infiniti M35

Front view.

My view as a back seat
sitting in a parking space
person while they take
a look at the interior.
I wonder if he'll notice
that I peed back here.