Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nut Exactly (or it'll end up in your eye)

It's the end of another weekend. They go by so fast. (I think that's a common theme)

I gave Lucky a bath, finished my laundry, did some clean up of the guest room (we're expecting Anthony's aunt to visit in a couple of weeks), and I shot a couple of pictures of items I'm going to give away soon to make additional room in the guest room and my home office. There's too much furniture in there that was left here by Anthony's mom when we moved in. I'll post those when I get everything ready to give away. When you offer stuff for free, it usually doesn't take long to get claimed so I have to be ready.

Sunday dinner was at Boston Market at Tanque Verde and Grant. Anthony had a chicken Market Bowl said his chicken was dry and tasted weird. We usually have good luck there so it's unfortunate he got icky food.

Grocery shopping wrapped up the day today at Walmart Market, Broadway and Camino Seco. I found the Brownie Batter Oreos I have been looking for. I usually buy the Limited Edition cookies for my co-worker Tina to try. She loves stuff like that.

Boston Market Chicken Carver Sandwich
and mashed potatoes and gravy.
My dinner was good, Anthony
hated his Market Bowl.

Farmland Hot and Spicy
Pork Sausage
Hot and Spicy Pork Sausage
is another potential stripper name
(if I ever became a fat old stripper)

If I hold this package right
it appears this ham is
named after me

Fisher Nut Exactly
If you don't Nut Exactly
it'll end up in your eye

Malt O Meal Cinnamon Toasters
"Love Me Or I'm Free!"
I should adopt this slogan

Back To School Oreo cookies
Because doesn't really start
until the cookie announces it

Brownie Batter Oreo cookies
I bought 'em for Tina to try.
I hope she likes them.
It kind of looks like
creamy poo on a cookie