Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heather and Greg get hitched

My co-worker Heather and her man (Greg) got married yesterday. We (Anthony and I) were invited to the reception at Playground in downtown Tucson.

The requested attire was black and white (with an allowed splash of red). We did a little shopping over the weekend so we'd be ready.

It was on Playground's upper deck and exposed to the outdoors so it was plenty warm (just like Tucson always is in August). We didn't know very many people but it was a nice affair and we stayed for a couple of hours. My co-worker Tina also went and we enjoyed some social time.

Anthony and I haven't been downtown in a long time. It's really impressive to see what new places have opened since the streetcar has been in operation in the downtown area. We both decided that we'll have to go down to that area more often.

Best wishes to Heather and Greg!

Outside shot of Playground.
The reception was on
the upper deck.

Holy crap I have a fat head.

Let 'em eat cake

Guests at the reception

More guests at
the bar ordering drinks

Anthony schmoozes.
I shoot photo.
The end.

More guests

Anthony and Tina chatting

There's a strong chance that whatever
Anthony was laughing at was
at my expense

Bill is Crystal Stark's ottoman

Guests listen to speeches
made to the bride and groom

More speeches

Even more speeches

Heather and Greg
with their first dance
as bride and groom.