Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finger Rock fire is a flamer

The Finger Rock fire, which was lightning caused and started on July 29, has burned approximately 150 acres (so far) in the mountains north of Tucson.

The fire had been in the smoldering stage for days, and kicked back up today creating smoke that could be seen from many parts of the Tucson area. Social media (Facebook, Twitter) was insane today with Tucsonans posting photos of the smoke from their vantage points.

It's in pretty rugged terrain and the forest service is indicating they are monitoring it but are likely going to let it burn itself out. We're supposed to have rain chances from monsoon storms return tomorrow so there's a possibility that rain will fall to help put the fire out.

I had to drive to a client's location today for a meeting related to the show, and got a couple of photos while in the poomobile as well as a couple while driving home from work. It's also directly north of our house and I can see it well from the backyard.

The orange glow of the flames are also visible in the dark.

I kind of want to grab some marshmallows, a stick, and drive up there to make s'mores. I suppose that wouldn't be one of my more brilliant ideas.

Driving north on Swan Road
with smoke visible from
the Finger Rock fire

Speedway and Swan:
Driving back to the station
Shot this photo looking north
while at the stoplight

Heading home from work.
This photo shot while
driving north on Rosemont
from Speedway Blvd

Pima Street and Rosemont
(approximately 6 blocks from home)
looking north

Finger Rocks fire
as seen looking north
from my backyard

Finger Rocks fire at night
as seen from my backyard