Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picking up peeps at the Tucson Airport

I went to the Tucson Airport this morning.  Before you start thinking that I actually flew somewhere on vacation (if you are a regular reader, then you know that is extremely rare... both flying and me taking a vacation), I picked Anthony and his Dad (Paul) from a four day weekend trip they took to California.

There were two great reasons to pick them up:  1.)  I missed Anthony and was glad to see him and 2.)  I got all of the excitement of the airport without the expense!  Yes, it's true, I do find the airport exciting.... mostly because I like the people watching part.

They were funny to have in the car.  I've met his Dad a handful of times before.  It was interesting to see Anthony and his dad interacted.  Anthony corrects a lot of things that his Dad says.  I think you can learn a lot about people by how they communicate with their parents.

Lucky was super excited to see Anthony.  The dog had been really depressed the whole time he was gone.  Lucky isn't really happy unless the three of us are together and he shows it.  I told Anthony today that I hope one of us doesn't die before the dog does, or he'll have to go into some kind of dog therapy.

The long donut with maple frosting that I bought for breakfast at Circle K
at Pima and Beverly on my way to the Tucson Airport.
I ate it in the car when I stopped for gas.
It was like a real road trip.

The bottom of the stairs at the A Gate at Tucson Airport.
I was waiting for Anthony and his dad Paul.

Anthony arrives!
The guy behind him at the bottom of the stairs looked like he had
never photo bombed someone before.

Paul arrives!
And excuse me little baby grabbing the sign, you are not supposed
to be blocking the aisle. Move along.