Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dinner with Anthony, Jason and Alberto at BJ's

Anthony and I had dinner last night with our friends Jason and Alberto at BJ's Restaurant on Oracle Road near Tucson Mall.

We had a great time.  I've been friends with Jason for over ten years and it's always fun catching up.

One of the topics of conversation was when we were next door neighbors on Stone Avenue.  That house was the biggest dump I'd ever lived in but had super cheap rent (2 bedrooms, wood floors, washer and dryer, $475 a month).  We talked about how we both enjoyed living there.

I started thinking back to my very first apartment in Denver, Colorado.  I had considered that place kind of a dump but now that I look back, the apartment wasn't too bad.  I even looked it up on Google Street View today... 5590 W. Warren Avenue a few blocks off of Sheridan in southeast Denver proper.  The Safeway that was across the street when I lived there is now a plain grey building called Contractors Supply, but the apartments themselves look exactly the same from the outside as they did in 1986.  I'm guessing they don't use green shag carpeting inside anymore, but who knows.

BJ's on Oracle Road near Tucson Mall

Anthony didn't want his picture taken at this moment, I did it anyway.
I was testing out a flash setting on my camera.
That's the story I'm sticking to.

Jason and Anthony while we wait for our table.
Alberto works at this restaurant, he joined us later.

The lounge area of BJ's

A behind the scenes photo of the host station

Jason's dinner

Anthony's dinner

My dinner

Alberto's dinner

Ken, Jason, Anthony and Alberto
(the photo bomb is an employee who works at BJ's,
I love a good photo bomb)