Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blind baseball in the TV studio

I'm the person responsible for booking guests and managing content on the TV show I work on.  Most segments meet the expectations I have for how they're going to go, a few turn out to be a disappointment, and some turn out to exceed my expectations.

One of those delightful surprises recently was the Southwest Slammers, a softball team that is made up of mostly blind players.  They use a beep baseball (it makes a rather loud beep noise so players know where it is).  The guests were interesting, the subject matter was interesting, and one of our show hosts put on a blindfold and tried to hit the ball in the TV studio while the other pitched it.

I am getting better at knowing what shutter speed to set my camera to get motion frozen in a still photograph.  I think the photo I posted below from the segment came out looking pretty cool and captured a moment that told the story it was supposed to.  As a bonus, there are also a couple of photos where I had to run the shutter speed about as fast as I could under our lighting conditions from a performance preview of the Nutcracker.

A few moments of the show frozen in time:

Morning Blend hosts attempting to play a little blind / beep baseball in the studio

A photo from a performance of The Nutcracker

Another photo from a performance of The Nutcracker
(he's almost four feet off of the floor!)