Sunday, December 8, 2013

First visit to Panera Bread

Anthony and I went to dinner tonight.  We decided to try Panera Bread, the location at Grant and Swan that used to be Paradise Bakery (and before that was Buddy's Grill).

It's basically a deli with a pretty big selection of fancy desserts.

I got a smokehouse turkey Panini, and Anthony got a Sierra turkey sandwich.

I was a bit shocked at the price.  My sandwich, which was on sourdough with turkey, cheese, bacon, and mustard, was $7.69.  I could have made it at home for less than a dollar.

The food was ok, but it's pretty expensive for what you get.  I will say it's nice inside if you find that important.  The desserts are the homerun at this joint.

Panera Bread at Grant and Swan in Tucson
Baked goods on the left, ordering from the menu in the middle and right
The woman on the left was quite excited about the desserts

Anthony takes his jacket off while we wait for our food

Here's what a $7.59 sandwich looks like at Panera Bread

Anthony's Sierra turkey sandwich, it cost $7.09.
Chips and drink were $1.99 more.