Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lucky oh so Lucky

The end of day five with Lucky the dog.

We've learned more about how he works. It appears he doesn't like going to the bathroom on a leash. Tomorrow is payday so I'm going to buy one of those long extender type leashes to see if the extra length of ten plus feet will make a difference. Those stupid leashes are expensive. Like $20+ dollars. Its a racket if you ask me!

He's doing well otherwise. Slowly getting used to the apartment. He pretty much only likes three locations in the apartment: In front of the couch, next to the bed on the floor, and next to the desk in the home office. He doesn't seem interested in going anywhere else.

I have been fascinated by the great amount of interest in the dog, its welfare, and progress from my Facebook and Twitter readers. Its also been interesting to suddenly get acquainted with some of the neighbors in my complex that have barely spoken to me in the last year and a half living here. We're now interesting because we have a dog.

Lucky has had lots of activity today including a long car ride with Anthony, and multiple walks around the apartment complex. Hopefully he'll sleep well. I know how much he's tuckered me out. I'm ready to fall asleep earlier than usual and I had a nap tonight when I got home from work.

I hope Lucky likes Jimmy Kimmel. Because that's what's on the TV as I fall asleep.