Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting Lucky under the coffee table

Its been two weeks of having Lucky and he's been great.  He's still a challenge to figure out though.  Mostly because for a dog, he's a little too predictable.  He doesn't chew or eat what doesn't belong to him.  He also pretty much occupies three places in the apartment:  In front of the couch, on the big pillow I bought him next to the bed, and occasionally in the home office.  He seems almost panicked about going anywhere else even though he's never been scolded and actually is encouraged.

I'm not a dog psychologist so my opinion has no educational or scientific basis but he still seems a bit stressed.  But, he's eating, peeing, and pooping regularly (the last two outside so he was obviously housebroken before we got him) and that was the first major hurdle to overcome.

One breakthrough this week is that he has played with his toys a little.  I bought him a tug rope, some tennis balls, and Anthony bought him a colorful little twist tie thing on Saturday.  Its interesting to watch him when he gets interested in them.  He licks them, and when he chews on the tug rope he does it in the nicest, sweetest manner you could imagine.  A lot of dogs his size destroy their toys shortly after they get them and Lucky is nice to his.

Now, the newest photos.  Lucky was under the coffee table and posed for a couple of photos.  (I'm using the term 'posed' liberally).

Lucky was oddly interested in the camera.

Lucky's a ginger!