Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lucky - day 4

Lucky's fourth day with us was yesterday.  There are still a few challenges we're working through.

We had a huge breakthrough Sunday night when he peed, pooped and ate.  I thought we were on our way.  It turns out not so much.

He is eating but seems to want to hold in the pee and poo.  He didn't go at all yesterday or on his walk this morning before I came to work.  I'm not quite sure yet why this is happening but my guess is that is has something to do with learned behavior before we adopted him.

We'll see what today brings.  On a side note, there have been zero issues with him in the apartment.  He doesn't disturb anything.  He is so well behaved its almost bizarre.

In the meantime, here are a few new photos from yesterday:

Lucky has a very short attention span.
I asked him to look up at me and by the time the camera focused and took the photo
he was looking at something else already.

Smelling other dog's pee is sooooo wonderful.

Channeling Cujo.

Lucky dragging Anthony into the bushes to see which leaf fell off.