Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky - Day 2

Its the end of the second day with Lucky the dog in our apartment.  Its been a fascinating look into how animals... and people function.

Lucky continues to be responsive when he's on a leash.  So, in an effort to get him to be more interested in other areas of the apartment besides the front of the couch on the floor, I hooked up the leash and took him for a walk inside this morning.  I gave him a chance to smell every corner and see that it was okay to go places.  The success level of that after unhooking him from the leash was small.  I did gently pull him into the bedroom and had him lay down next to the bed while I took a nap this afternoon and he stayed there the whole time.  But, the moment I got up he jammed back into the living room in front of the couch.  I can already tell most everything with Lucky is going to be a gradual process but I'm okay with that.

He still hasn't peed or pooed yet.  We've taken him outside 4-5 times per day yesterday and today and even took multiple walks around the entire apartment complex (its a large complex so it's quite a bit of walking).  He sniffs a lot of things but hasn't done his business.  He also prefers walking on the sidewalk so it takes gentle reminders to have him walk onto the grass to check out areas where other dogs have been.  He doesn't pull much on the leash and stays alongside for the most part.  I've appreciated not having to also deal in the beginning with the challenges that can be part of having an inexperienced dog on a leash.

Lucky didn't eat today.  We purchased the same food the Humane Society told us they feed the dogs there. I hoped it would be familiar but so far he hasn't had any interest.  I don't want to resort to people food because I know its difficult to get a dog to eat dog food if it thinks it'll get what I eat.  It'll be interesting to see if by tomorrow he gets hungry enough to dive into the bowl of food waiting for him.

We left him alone for the first time tonight for about an hour for a trip to the grocery store.  He was still in the exact spot we left him in the living room when we returned and he hadn't disturbed anything.  It makes me hopeful he'll be good in the house if he's left but its too early to tell if that's what he'll always do.

I feel sad for Anthony.  He's worried about the dog and its changed Anthony's normal routine.  He got two hours of sleep last night.  He's having a head trip about the new addition to the house, the dog is slow to get adjusted, and I'm pulling double duty trying to reassure Anthony and reassure the dog that they're both ok.  I already know its going to be a slow process with the dog.  I hope its not a slow process adjusting for Anthony, too.

There have been a few times in the last two days where I've asked myself if adopting a dog is the right thing.  I remind myself of the main reason why I thought it was important.  I believe that it'll create more of a family atmosphere in our home.  I get bored sitting on the couch watching TV so I thought it would be something that Anthony and I could take care of together.  He's not a fan of trying new things.  Adopting the dog has given him a giant shove in an unfamiliar direction.  Time will tell if it was a good idea or if I'll be searching for a new home for Lucky.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying having the dog here.  If he'll start eating, peeing and pooping, the rest will come when he's ready.