Sunday, March 11, 2012

A walk around my neighborhood

I took a nice walk in the 72 degree afternoon weather and brought along a camera.

I live on Pima Street on Tucson's east side.  I found a few interesting things to photograph.

Ken Carr World Headquarters

The sun sets on the Ken Carr World Headquarters

Someone lost their empty bucket.

East parking lot of my apartment complex looking north

The hot tub near my apartment isn't looking very sexy... or functional.

Sunrise Nursery, no longer open for business

The fence is supposed to keep people out of this vacant lot, but it isn't working.

Art inspired by rainbow colored french fries

This guy was running toward me.
Its a moment right out of a movie... a really really lame movie.

The sun sets on Pima Street.
The view looking west.

The view to the north from Pima Street and Wilmot Road

The intersection of Pima and Tanque Verde.
The now closed Chuy's (pink building) across the street.
On the left is the former Ice Nightclub / City Limits / Backstage Nightclub, now its called "The Event"

Tanque Verde and Pima looking south

Tanque Verde looking north from Pima Street at the top of the hill

Tanque Verde and Pima, the Circle K and billboard next to it.
Gas is $3.66 a gallon

I live near Hooters.
I've been in there one time.

SunTran bus stopping at Wilmot and Pima.

Spelling accurately is not a requirement for rummage sale marketing.

If you like easy, here's what you've been searching for.